Broward Surgical Specialists offers a comprehensive approach to general surgery with unsurpassed superior service. Staffed by our young, yet experienced general surgeons, Broward Surgical Specialists offers minimally invasive and traditional surgical treatment for a variety of conditions.

Minimally invasive surgery includes laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery. During laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions in the stomach. A small camera and instruments are inserted by the surgeon through the cuts. This allows the procedure to be done without a major incision, which may be more comfortable for patients and reduce recovery time.

Robotic surgery is very similar to laparoscopic surgery. During robotic surgery small cuts are made at the surgical site. However, the surgeon sits at a console in the operating room and guides robotic arms that have a camera and the necessary instruments attached. Robotic surgery provides surgeons with improved dexterity and a better field of vision than open and laparoscopic surgeries. Patients may experience shorter recovery times, less pain, and reduced risk for infection.

Feel confident that when you visit Broward Surgical Specialists, our general surgeons will utilize the latest technical advances to ensure that you receive the most effective care possible. Our surgery specialists are committed to providing you with timely and complete personalized care integrated with maximum comfort, convenience and privacy..

Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery


  • Breast Excision
  • Port Placement
  • Biopsies