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About Broward Surgical Specialists

Bariatric Surgeons and General Surgeons Serving the Sunrise Community

Welcome to Broward Surgical Specialists. We understand that having surgery, or even the thought of having surgery, can be extremely stressful. That is why our team of bariatric surgeons and general surgeons strive to make these difficult situations better for you and your loved ones.

Our bariatric surgeons will help you along your weight loss journey. We perform different types of bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) including gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding surgeries. These procedures are designed to help our patients lose weight and reduce the health conditions related to obesity. Our bariatric surgery team will walk each patient through the different treatment options and help them create a comprehensive weight loss program.

Our general surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery and traditional surgical procedures including biopsies for breast cancer, skin cancer and thyroid cancer. We are also specially trained in robotic surgery and perform procedures related to colon cancer, reflux disease and hernia surgeries.

All of our surgeons have been trained at the top institutions across the country, are certified by the American Board of Surgeons and utilize the latest surgical techniques. With us, you will find comprehensive surgical services as well as compassionate care. We are dedicated to helping our patients in the Broward County community with the best possible outcome. Our team focuses on personalized treatment of each patient, clear communication and excellent customer service.

Our bariatric and general surgery practice has offices in Sunrise, Fla. and Tamarac, Fla. We are affiliated with Plantation General Hospital.

Please take a moment to navigate our website to find out more about Broward Surgical Specialists. If you have any questions about our surgeons or services, please call us at (954) 726-0095. We also offer online appointment scheduling. Make an appointment online today!

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